Impact embedded in your daily life

What we do

Actions for Life is born from the need to take action against the world’s biggest problems. Consumption has generated different issues around the globe and we’re now starting to realise we can’t continue this way.

However, it’s difficult to change the widespread consumerist mentality, and while that change happens, we work on rethinking the consumption model and compensating for it to target people who may not want to change at all.

Through various projects, we aim to redirect money and efforts from the problem to the solution. We’re committed to give back to the planet what we take from it and do what’s in our hands to help humanity overcome its biggest challenges.

We do so by giving our benefits to institutions, NGOs, start-ups and groups that are aligned with our values and fight for the same causes.

Current actions


The fashion industry is one of the biggest challenges of humanity. It embraces consumerism, produces waste, is responsible for a lot of plastic in the oceans, greenhouse emissions and water contamination.

That’s why we’ve created the Hohgant brand. We know that we can’t stop people form buying clothes (neither we want that) but we can make 3 things:

  • Educate consumers about sustainable fashion (a.k.a. slow fashion, fair fashion, green fashion, etc)
  • Being an example to other brands of how fashion can be aligned with better values
  • Becoming part of the solution instead of the problem by donating 25% of our gross benefits to build a better future

Photos for life

Photos for life was actually born before Actions for Life. As a photography enthusiast, Marc has taken a lot photos in his life and he started thinking that he could do something with them instead of letting them rest in a hard drive.

So besides donating most of them through Unsplash, he thought that maybe he could choose the absolute best ones, sell them and give most of the benefits to a cause related to the image.

Now we’ve made a twist and want to collaborate with other photographers to make Photos for Life an effective “action for life”.

Who we are

We’re a couple of environmentally conscious people with the mission to do everything we can to change the way we do business, the way we produce goods and the values that move companies.

We’ve believe that it’s almost impossible to change something that you’re not aware of. Therefore, we think that embedding positive actions without altering people’s behaviours can make a huge difference specially with people who are not aware of the problems or who are not willing to make an effort to change them.

That’s our way of contributing to a better world.

Get in touch

If you have an idea, proposal or want to collaborate and think it might be interesting for us, send us an email to hello [at] and if we can and are interested, we’ll get back to you.